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Think you can handle setting up your online store by yourself, or that working with an ecommerce platform developer is too expensive?  Consider this cautionary tale of Bobby and Sue…

Bobby and Sue are brother and sister, and both of them have decided to start their own online stores with the dream of quitting their day jobs within a few months.

Bobby does a few quick internet searches for ecommerce website templates and, to his excitement, finds a free HTML template to use for his store.  It isn’t quite what he had in mind (and he doesn’t really know how to program HTML), but he presses forward anyways.  “Hey Sue,” Bobby says.  “I’m already more profitable than you are – I got my website template for free!”

Sue takes a look at Bobby’s template and laughs to herself.  It doesn’t look professional and she knows that neither she nor Bobby know a thing about how to code websites.  Instead, she decides to enlist the help of a professional bespoke ecommerce platform developer who is able to start work on her site after a few phone consultations to determine exactly what she’s looking for and what type of features she’ll need now and in the future.

With her site development out of the way, Sue gets back to what she’s good at – finding and negotiating with the suppliers who will stock her inventory at the best possible prices.  For good measure, she spends a little time brushing up on website promotion strategies so that she’ll be ready to go as soon as her site is finished.

Bobby, on the other hand, has been spending 16 hour days staring at his computer, trying to understand the foreign language on his screen.  He’s starting to get the hang of it, but a few mistakes at the beginning caused him to have to go back and start from scratch several times.

After a few weeks, Sue’s site has launched, and she’s already making sales.  She’s pleased that the developer she worked with (LightCommerce, of course!) put in the extra effort to create a good experience for her visitors, and she’s already begun to recoup the investment she made in having a strong site built.  Bobby has his site up as well, but instead of making sales, he’s fielding angry emails from visitors who weren’t able to complete the checkout process due to technical glitches.

As he heads to bed after yet another late night of trying to get his site working correctly, he sighs to himself, “If only I had enlisted the help of qualified professionals like lightCommerce from the very start…”

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