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The past few years has seen Twitter transition from an obscure microblogging platform to a veritable powerhouse in the social media world that can prove extremely powerful for marketing purposes. eCommerce businesses routinely use Twitter to connect with both existing customers and potential clients alike, sharing messages that can help to build brand loyalty and drum up interest in the company’s products or services. In order to best take advantage of all that Twitter has to offer, it is important to understand what tweets carry the most impressive impact in the “Twitterverse,” as Twitter followers affectionately refer to the network.

Here are some types of tweets that can help your eCommerce business be more effective on Twitter:

Exclusive Offer Tweets

Perhaps one of the most powerful genres of tweets is the “exclusive” offer or deal. Much like coupons traditional retailers place in periodicals and print publications, exclusive offers excite customers with the potential to save by using a discount that has not been widely distributed. Some eCommerce companies implement such offers by requesting that Twitter users use a particular promotional code when checking out on the site.

Content-driven Tweets

Content-driven tweets are also rising in popularity on Twitter, with many online companies focusing on the development of marketing content that does not necessarily focus on selling the product or service the company offers. Instead, the content in question is created to share a particular viewpoint or perspective, which could potentially lead to the customer developing a more positive view of the organization behind the content. These tweets often go hand in hand with those that include a call to action, as content tweets are often followed up by further tweets spurring Twitter followers to interact with the content in some way.

Customer Service Tweets

Customer service has also made its way to Twitter, with many Twitter users tweeting at companies when they experience frustration or problems with the brand. Responding to these tweets quickly can be an incredibly useful step for eCommerce companies who can negate problems and demonstrate how important the customer’s business is to the organization. In this way, customer service tweets carry twofold benefits, by addressing the issue at hand and working to further establish the company’s reputation as a leader in customer service.

Those are my top three types of tweets that I think every eCommerce company should be using. Have I missed something? What are your thoughts? – Let us know in the comments below!

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