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Nobody likes it when a customer is not happy. But it will happen. The only question is, where does it happen and how do you prepare so that you limit the chances of it happening to you?

It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive. So if you’re getting ready to launch and eCommerce site or have just recently launched one, take a look at the following complaints and be sure to address them before you have to deal with them.

1. Not being called back when promised. An unacceptable customer service failure. If your site promises a phone call within a specified time, particularly as part of an email message, then you have to make sure that happens. People are always on the lookout for how long it will take to hear from customer service and the last thing you want is a person telling a friend or colleague, “They don’t call you back.”

2. Billing errors and/or incorrect charges to a credit card. This is very frustrating. Be particularly careful of this when running specials and sales. The last thing somebody wants is to see they paid full price for an item they were sure was on sale. Be sure shipping fees and any discount codes are correct.

3. Having to go through multiple people to get a problem resolved. People like simplicity. The first good step is to make it easy for a customer to get a real, live person on the phone. Secondly, it is critical (aside from a major issue) that the person they speak to, can handle the issue they are having without being routed to another person who then routes them somewhere else. Having to jump through all sorts of hoops to get an issue resolved will result in an unhappy customer who may not return.

4. Website is hard to navigate. A difficult user interface is a big problem for shoppers. They are getting ready to spend money and want a good shopping experience. If your site is difficult to get around and confusing, potential customers will give up before they even get to where they want to be. The navigation extends to the checkout area. If your site is easy to navigate on the shopping side, but difficult on the checkout side, people may give up before they submit that order.

5. Poorly updated order status pages. eCommerce sites often tell customers in an email, “Click here to track your order!” However, there are many dissatisfied customers who go to check their order and see no change or they see changes way too late. Ever order something and have it arrive before the site was updated to show it was delivered? That’s not good. People are always nervous about their online orders. The thinking is, “They have my money, but I don’t have a product, yet.” That is not an issue in a brick and mortar store where a person pays, and walks out with their item. Keep your customers relaxed by making sure your site provides accurate and timely updates on orders.

None of these solutions require any major investment. It is all a matter of proper planning and execution with your site. Attack the potential problem before it becomes a real problem.

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