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New website, new vision

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Hi there!

It’s been far too long since we posted on this blog, hopefully that will change and posts will be more regular now! We’re now in our third year of business and during the last three years we’ve redefined both what our core target market is and what our main strengths are.

More than just a site build

When we started our focus was on premium site builds, mainly e-commerce but also bespoke websites and apps. But over the last year we began to see a larger need for something more than just a site build. The majority of clients that came to us had problems with ongoing support, maintenance and development, possibly from the same agency that had given them a good intial site build. Often after the initial site build, clients were lumped with expensive support contracts, pricey monthly retainers and doge support service level agreements.

Although we had always put priority on our level of customer service and support, we had never marketed it as it’s own independent service because for something so obviously vital in the life of a website, we didn’t realise so many development companies were lacking in that area. That’s when we decided that a change was in order and we started to re-think our core services.

Your own professional in house development team

Around the same time we had started to offer our development experience and technical proficiency as a whitelabel service. It started organically; a client asked us if we wouldn’t mind using an email address they provided to us from their company domain. Using this email address we were introduced to their clients as their in house developer. From here we communicated directly with their clients, gather project requirements, talking through technical difficulties and getting to the point of being able to come up with a project quote. All under their company banner. Their clients had no idea that they were liaising with someone outside of their company. All our client had to do was add their markup onto the quote and send it onto their client to close the deal. The benefits of this service to our client were substantial;

  • They didn’t need to worry about any of the technical jargon, we took care of that
  • They didn’t need to act like a middle-man. They were able to leave us to it (we copied them in on any communication).
  • They could rest easy as we took care of the technical project management, directly with their clients.

Since then we’ve to offer this server to more clients and so far they love it!

It’s due to these changes that we’ve completely revamped our website. The two new primary core services are “Premier support for any web platform” and “Whitelabel development services“. To us it seems like a natural evolution of our company and vision and finally getting the new site live was like a breath of fresh air! We strongly believe that you’ll feel the same when you see the benefits of these new core services.

If you have any questions about how any of our services work and the process used, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Entering the world of 4G

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This week saw the rollout of 4G by EE (AKA Everything, Everywhere) in eleven cities in the UK, there are more cities due to join before Christmas too! But, what is it all about?

What is 4G?

4G is the next generation to 3G or the 4th Generation in mobile communication standards – a faster more effective internet connection.

With promises of it being five times faster than 3G it should mean easier access to the internet, being able to watch videos without it freezing, downloading webpages quickly and having smooth video calls with no problems.

What could it mean for your business?

An ability to have business meetings whilst out of the office, receive your emails on the go and be available on your social networking accounts even when not at your desktop – all very inviting!

But primarily, the main advantage could be an increase of online shopping by your customers.

Your customers want to be able to get on your site quickly, they want to navigate easily and buy in a short space of time.  Especially this time of year, they want to be sure their Christmas shopping can be done during a tea break, on a bus or even walking in between high street shops.

What they need from you is attractive looking sites which are easy to use and an all round good quality shopping experience.

Most of all they want speed, 4G speed.  Can you keep up?

Check your website, app or mobile site, ensure it works for you and your customers.  Let’s make certain your ecommerce is a pleasant experience for those who want to use it!