Premier Support and Maintenance

The support and maintenance of any website is vital in keeping it running, keeping it fresh and making sure visitors aren’t turned away. You can’t have down time or broken features or out of date functionality that will turn away potential customers. We’re constantly surprised that even with the above stated fact being true, website support and maintenance seems to be an area where a large number of agencies fall down in. This is based on what our clients tell us about the problems they’ve faced before they found us.

We don’t have dodgy service level agreements or automated answering machines. We’re an honest, UK based development team and we will strive to resolve your issues and help you to improve your online situation however we can.

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Whitelabel Development and Customer Support

This is a new and exciting service for our clients; Simply give us an email address such as [email protected] or [email protected] and we will quite happily talk directly to your clients or customers to gather project requirements or talk them through technical issues. We will go over your rules of engagement with you, sign NDAs if required and we will never talk to your clients about costs or other aspects of your company that are out of bounds.

Our clients love being able to leave us to it (we of course CC you in on all correspondence with clients or customers) so they don’t have to worry about technical jargon, project gathering or manual correspondence. They can relax knowing that we’re acting as their own in house development team.

Although this service works best for design and marketing agencies, it can work well for single website companies too as we can act as a customer support contact to help your customers out on any technical issues they may be having with your site.

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Web Development

Web development will always be the core of everything that we do. With over a decade of experience developing on all sorts of commercial and proprietary platforms, everything is possible (despite what other agencies may tell you!). It’s not just web platforms that we work with, we’re also proficient with database systems, system administration and managing various types of web servers and operating systems.

Whether you need a complex promotions engine developing or an integration between your platform and an obscure third party stock management system, we’re sure we can help and we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our costs.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing still plays a big part in today’s world. We’ve had a number of clients that wanted to improve their email marketing strategies but didn’t know where to turn to do so. We have many years experience designing good looking email marketing templates. We will give you a bespoke email marketing template, code it up to be used in regular mail shots and manage your campaigns using our preferred mailing list service provider.

All that you need to do is tell us what needs to be in each mailing and who it should go to, you can leave everything else to us. We use Mailchimp for managing email campaigns and through Mailchimp you can manage your subscribers and view detailed statistics on how many people received the emails, and even who opened them and what links they clicked.

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State of the Art Hosting

We’ve worked with a select few top class hosting providers over the years and we’ve recently moved over to a state of the art company. They provide a hosting infrastructure that automatically scales. This means that it automatically increases and decreases elements of it’s system in relation to the demand of our web sites. This applies to the processors, memory (RAM) and hard drive space. The infrastructure is also load balancing. This means that there are thresholds on the processors, RAM and bandwidth and when these thresholds are met, new replica servers are automatically provisioned to handle the load.

Coupled with amazing support and regular backups, this means that no matter the requirements of the websites we put on our hosting, the service is reliable and fast.

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