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If you own an E-commerce business, chances are you have asked yourself: “I wonder what my E-commerce business is worth?” and at some point in the future you probably are going to want to sell your business.

There is a growing market for the buying and selling of e-commerce businesses.  Our friends over at Digital have an excellent broker service where you can get a free valuation and they will let you know what your business is worth. They also just wrote a cool article on what makes a million dollar ecommerce business here and how to choose a website broker. For example we just did a valuation for this business that sells popcorn machines and this business that sells beard products. One business was looking to sell. The other was looking at getting a metric on their valuation and how to increase the value of their business when selling in a few years time. These are just some of the reasons that a valuation helps. It is also a good idea every now and then to get a formal business valuation. The team at Digital Exits recommends Valuator who perform business valuations sydney office. Also their friend ace buys internet business if you are looking to sell.

Now if you are curious to know what your e-commerce business is worth they developed this great infographic that will help you decipher your valuation:

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