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Hello again!

We’re on a feature release roll recently! The following changes have just been release for our platform;

PayPal integration

I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d integrate PayPal into the platform. I’ve just added an integration for PayPal Website Payments Standard using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification system to update orders within lumini when they’re completed.

A new way to configure payment methods

So far to configure payment methods you had to set them up using our normal settings page. Which if I’m honest isn’t very pretty or user friendly. It’s another change on the unending list of improvements we have in store! I have now rewritten how payment methods are configured and there is now a new payment method area where method has it’s own settings page.

From here you can also set whether the method is live (or test), enabled and per a recent client request, which of your sites (US/UK etc) it appears on. The client wanted to use PayPal for their US site and WorldPay for their UK site. Problem solved!

Until next time! (I’m sure it won’t be long)

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