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web_developmentFor business owners wanting to boost the traffic on their e-commerce websites, look no further than web development. Website development firms specialize in designing websites, maintaining social media accounts, monitoring traffic numbers and analytics, and providing hosting services.

About Lightcommerce

Headquartered in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is a web design firm that offers a wide range of development and hosting services to their clients. More specifically, the company provides premier website maintenance, development services, e-mail marketing, and high-level hosting infrastructure. Lightcommerce is completely committed to keeping your website fresh, fun, up-to-date, and interactive. The company’s website can be reached at

Whitelabel Development

One of Lightcommerce’s most unique services is their Whitelabel Development consulting program. This initiative is so unique because Lightcommerce allows you to outsource your web development needs to them. In other words, the company will act as your in-house web designer, but operate from their own office. Before making any design or development decisions, however, Lightcommerce’s specialists will communicate with you via e-mail and receive your approval.

New Trends in Web Development

The best web development firms continuously alter their designs, algorithms, and approaches to reach as many target users as possible. The Internet is a constantly-changing environment, and design companies need to stay constantly abreast of new design developments in order to appeal to customers.

In fact, Google revised their search engine algorithms to eliminate the ability of e-commerce websites to exploit spam keywords to improve their standing in search engine results. Google now places a stronger emphasis on a website’s actual content and usefulness.

Instead of focusing on a few popular key popular keywords, Lightcommerce will help your e-commerce website generate content that is not only searchable, but is also relevant, informational, interesting, and readable. This useful information will help bring prospective customers to your online website.

Placing an Emphasis on Simplicity

Statistics indicate that consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping purposes in increasing numbers. These mobile shoppers prefer clean website interfaces that are easy to navigate. Lightcommerce’s web developers will help you create an e-commerce website that is aesthetically similar to the design and layout of the most popular mobile phone applications. This will allow your customers to view and use your website from their smartphones, which will maximize both page views and potential profits.

Responsiveness is Key

Like smartphones, more consumers than ever are shopping on their iPads and touch screen laptops. This is why most web developers are focusing on creating websites and e-commerce stores that are touch-enabled and extremely responsive. A responsive website offers a fun way for shoppers to browse your website.

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