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Designing, deploying and enhancing a website should be the goal of every business in today’s economy. Without websites, many businesses are left in the cold because consumers find many businesses first through their website rather than through other means. At Lightcommerce, we work on behalf of businesses to ensure that the websites they have deployed are up to their standards, meet their needs and outperform the competition. In all phases of business, there must be a way for the company to make more money, to find more customers and to expand their reach. This is our goal when we work on behalf of a company to produce a website that is appealing to all internet users who find the company.

The Design

web_developmentOur design team is prepared to begin working for the company as its own website development team. Every one of our customers does not have to hire their own design team and keep them in-house. The expense is far too great for many businesses. However, we can operate as the web development and marketing center for each of our clients to ensure that their business is marketed and promoted properly.

Our design team will create beautiful artwork for the homepage, produce organized pages inside the site and track the traffic on the site to ensure that it is marketed properly. Even when people are brought to the site through a web search, they must be compelled to stay and return. This is where our marketing expertise comes full into play.

The Marketing Side

Our marketing team helps to ensure that SEO techniques have been used throughout the website to help web searchers make their way to the site. However, SEO does not stop at the front door. SEO techniques are useful in every article, on every biography of the staff and on every description of products on an eCommerce site.

We ensure that the site has been optimized to the hilt to ensure that people are finding and visiting the site. Once we have put together an SEO package for the website, we will track the results of those SEO efforts to ensure that our SEO plans were fruitful. When we are tracking the results of our work, we give the company more opportunities to make changes to the site in order to bring in more customers.


As the business grows and develops, we are the customer’s development team that can change the website and make alterations to meet the needs of the client or their new business or marketing plan. In essence, we are there to make the website perform and keep the customer happy at the same time.

Every part of a website must be expertly-planned to ensure that it is performing up to its potential. With our web development team in place, we can make any business and their website efficient, effective and well-read every day.

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