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online shoppingIn recent years, shopping online has become increasingly popular. Whereas digital shopping was once used for specialty products, consumers now purchase their groceries, clothing, electronics, and other everyday personal items on the Internet. For business owners, then, a key to staying competitive in this fast-paced market is to make sure that you have a creative digital portfolio, as well as a number of appealing e-commerce strategies.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is one of Europe’s foremost web development companies. The company is dedicated to offering its customers comprehensive web support, a wide range of web development services, and a number of hosting options. Best of all, is that the firm specializes in improving a client’s e-commerce presence.

Outsourcing Your In-House Web Development

Lightcommerce understands that not every business owner possesses the skills and know-how when it comes to developing an online portfolio. For this reason, the company offers its web developing expertise to all of their clients. More specifically, Lightcommerce’s Whitelabel web development consulting services allows clients to outsource all of their Internet-related needs.

Whitelabel Development and Customer Support

Although Whitelabel’s development support works best for graphic design companies and creative agencies, Lightcommerce will customize their services to your company’s needs. The company’s website designers are well-versed in a wide range of design platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Open Cart, and X Cart.

Besides helping you create your e-commerce site, the company will also help you integrate your company’s web portfolio across a number of digital platforms, as well as manage and maintain your company’s operating systems. Whitelabel clients will also receive access to targeted e-mail marketing strategies. Most importantly, though, Lightcommerce’s developers will continue to redesign your website over time, allowing your company’s e-commerce potential to flourish.

Benefits of Improving Your Company’s E-Commerce Presence

Online shopping experts argue that the more attractive your website is, the more hits and traffic it will receive. The higher your website’s traffic, the more opportunities you have to sell consumers your products and services.

For these reasons, Lightcommerce begins every e-commerce consultation by asking you what your company wants to accomplish with your redesigned website. The company’s software experts will then ask you to identify what aspects of other e-commerce websites you find most appealing. With this information, the web developers will aim to create a website that not only displays your product effectively, but is also the type of website you would want to use yourself.

Using Social Media

Unlike other web development firms, Lightcommerce will use social media to augment your e-commerce website’s appeal and popularity. The company will create and maintain accounts on some of the Internet’s most popular social networks, using different marketing tactics to improve your website’s e-commerce potential.

The added benefit of using free social networks to expand your e-commerce presence is that these social websites allow your customers to offer you feedback on customer service-related issues. Social networks – like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – enable businesses to learn directly from their customers where improvements are needed. Showing initiative in these instances is an excellent way to build a more consistent consumer base for your e-commerce website.

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