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As we get closer to the lightcommerce launch, you may be thinking “How are they different from any other e-commerce outfit? What reason do I have to choose lightcommerce over someone else?”. To us, the answer is big, bold and in your face. The following phrase sums it up perfectly:

“You keep doing what you’re good at. We take care of everything else.”

As a designer or design agency, you’re amazing at making web sites look fantastic. That’s what your business revolves around and it’s what you’ve been prefecting for years.

Well, lightcommerce is good at providing powerful, flexible e-commerce solutions. In fact, I’d go so far as to say we’re very good.

When you work with us, you don’t have to take on any additional tasks or responsbilities which would normally be part and parcel of offering an e-commerce product. You provide us with your HTML and CSS files for the final design of the site and we will implement it on the new lumini e-commerce site. We will then host the new site on a fast, dedicated server and make sure it works flawlessly. Then, once it’s live, this is the special bit; we will support the new site directly to your customers.

Through the lumini administration interface, we allow your customers to talk to us directly whenever they have a question or concern. They can browse our knowledge base or they can message our support team.

So this means that for each site you still only need to work on the design, just as with any other non e-commerce site. Now do you begin to see how we can benefit you? We thought so :)

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