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Differentiation with your eCommerce site can make the difference between you getting that business or a person going somewhere else.

Often however, that differentiation doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is very obvious. The brain often picks up on subtle additions, differences and innovations that aren’t obvious at first glance. It’s only upon closer inspection that we see the subtlety.

An example of this from one of the big players is Amazon’s ‘One Click’ purchasing button. Some might say this is not a subtle addition to their eCommerce strategy but if you ask around, many people don’t even remember they have it. It’s become burned into the shopping experience that it’s not something people discuss when recommending Amazon to a friend. That being said, it provides return shoppers with the convenience of not having to go through a checkout process when making a purchase.

Here are some subtle ways you can add to your product descriptions to make them stand out.

1. Show a featured product – Whether it is in your sidebar, header or in a menu, feature a product once a week or once a month. This will give more emphasis to something you are trying to sell without it appearing to be too “in your face.”

2. Display some kind of rating system for products – People have a tendency to believe actual consumers over professional reviewers when it comes to a product. This is the case because trends mean something. If a professional critic gives a rating of 5 stars to a product but consumers give it an average rating of 3 stars, a customer is going to want to know why and do more work investigating that product. Providing that information will give customers more reason to return to your site to make purchases.

3. Make text stand out with a different color – Say for example you have a product you are selling and willing to offer free shipping or are selling this week at a discount of 30%. If the text is the same color as the product description. However, if you use a color that contrasts with your main text color, it will stand out and people will take notice. Again, the contrast will be subtle as it is still just text, but the brain picks up on those differences and it could make the difference between getting the sale or not.

4. Sort, sort, sort – Allow your customers to sort based on different criteria. If you implement point 2, you can allow customers to sort by best ratings. Allow sorting by popularity (in terms of sales) as well as having the ability to sort by low to high and high to low pricing.

eCommerce sites don’t necessarily need huge facelifts to in order to effect change to increase sales. Sometimes small changes or additions are needed. See if you’ve taken the steps above. If not, try them out and see what it does for your sales!

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