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There’s no arguing with the fact that a bespoke ecommerce platform (aka – one that’s built exclusively for your unique needs) is more expensive than an out-of-the-box web store template.   While you can pick up a generic ecommerce store template for under £100, your initial investment in a custom ecommerce site will likely be much more than that.

However, when you consider the other factors that make a bespoke ecommerce platform so powerful, you’ll find that this price comparison simply isn’t relevant.  For example, will your one-off template purchase update itself?  Will it provide you with the kind of powerful CMS you need to respond to the ever-changing needs of your market?

If you’re planning ahead for your ecommerce website (or if you aren’t satisfied with your current set-up), consider the following lightcommerce features that make this bespoke platform a much better investment – dollar-for-dollar – for your business:

  • Ongoing security management.  As a website owner, reliability is key.  If your site is hacked, you stand to lose thousands of dollars (or more) and damage your reputation.  At lightcommerce, we’re constantly updating our platform to guard against new security threats, meaning that your site and your data will always be safe and secure. Savings to you: £1,000+ if your site is ever hacked.
  • Frequent new features upgrades.  Unless you’re a skilled web developer in addition to an ecommerce merchant, you’ll likely find that making necessary updates to your store-bought website template is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.  But as a lightcommerce customer, free updates are part of your initial purchase price, so you’ll never have to worry about the added cost of ongoing site upkeep.Savings to you: £100+/hour to hire a qualified web developer.
  • Flexible content management system.  The ability to update your web store is critical, as product lines and inventory change from day-to-day.  Unfortunately, you’ll find that updating an HTML web store template can be difficult, making the powerful lightcommerce CMS (which allows you to add and update pages on your own) a welcome relief from needing to hire a web designer for every little tweak.Savings to you: £70+/hour to hire a talented web designer.

So before you write off bespoke ecommerce platforms as being too expensive for your business, be sure to look at the bigger picture.  A larger investment up front in the lightcommerce platform could make the difference between an easy launch and hassle-free site operation, and a series of frustrating and costly changes.

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