Going Mobile With Your eCommerce Site – Part 2 of 2 - Lightcommerce

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In our last post, we covered some tips for well designed mobile sites. We conclude this two part series with some additional tips for mobile eCommerce sites.

1. Design for hands, not a trackpad or mouse – People are going to be turned off very quickly when they are clicking buttons and links unintentionally because the design is not conducive to browsing with the thumbs.

2. Make sure it is fast – Load times are the most critical factor in determining whether or not a user sticks around. Google places a lot of emphasis on load times for search engine results. If your main site has large graphics, video, flash — make sure it is not part of the mobile experience. In addition, test load times on different mobile devices with different browsers.

3. Provide an easy check-out process – Just as with your main site, the check-out process on your mobile site must be fast and easy to get through. If customers have difficulty, they can easily leave before they commit to making the purchase. Progress indicators, guest checkout functionality and zip code lookup tools all enhance the mobile checkout process.

4. Check your analytics – People may not think this is related to design but it is. How is the user interaction? What are the exit pages? What is the bounce rate? This data can be very helpful in helping you to determine where there are issues and what needs to be done to change them.

5. Make sure your best stands out – You don’t want users to just have a good browsing experience. You want them to have a transactional experience. Visits are great, but closing the deal is what you want. Be sure to highlight the best of what you have to offer your customers in order to turn visitors into customers.

The mobile web has become nearly as important as the traditional. It is not longer enough just to have a “mobile site.” You need to build a mobile experience for your customers. Allocate resources and time to your mobile site just as you would your regular site.

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