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This week saw the rollout of 4G by EE (AKA Everything, Everywhere) in eleven cities in the UK, there are more cities due to join before Christmas too! But, what is it all about?

What is 4G?

4G is the next generation to 3G or the 4th Generation in mobile communication standards – a faster more effective internet connection.

With promises of it being five times faster than 3G it should mean easier access to the internet, being able to watch videos without it freezing, downloading webpages quickly and having smooth video calls with no problems.

What could it mean for your business?

An ability to have business meetings whilst out of the office, receive your emails on the go and be available on your social networking accounts even when not at your desktop – all very inviting!

But primarily, the main advantage could be an increase of online shopping by your customers.

Your customers want to be able to get on your site quickly, they want to navigate easily and buy in a short space of time.  Especially this time of year, they want to be sure their Christmas shopping can be done during a tea break, on a bus or even walking in between high street shops.

What they need from you is attractive looking sites which are easy to use and an all round good quality shopping experience.

Most of all they want speed, 4G speed.  Can you keep up?

Check your website, app or mobile site, ensure it works for you and your customers.  Let’s make certain your ecommerce is a pleasant experience for those who want to use it!

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