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RulerThis post is part of the Email Newsletter Basics series. This series is all about driving more traffic and sales to your eCommerce website through the power of email marketing.

There are a few things that you might already know about how your newsletter should look and the things you should always put in them. Many companies go for a straightforward design that features the logo colours prominently, with a nameplate at the top that identifies the company for the subscriber. The body of the newsletter, in which you tell your subscribers all they need to know under different subheadings, is sometimes divided up in aligned paragraphs next to attractive graphics. However, this is mostly your choice and only you can decide the best “feel” for your newsletter.

Testing Your Basic Look

Landscape or portrait? Although the medium in which newsletters is delivered right now has changed and your subscribers are not expected to read a folded piece of paper, the dimensions of your newsletter still affect the look and feel of the entire thing. True, it’s not as if you were folding it – but you do have to consider that many people use different browsers, and even if on your favorite browser it looks great, it might not work on theirs. A small screen with an oversized header could be bad news for you. Nobody appreciates trying to read something only for their monitor sides to get in the way!

Make sure to test your newsletter in different browsers. It is part of your company’s image and it is important that it looks good, no graphics are out of place, it is not too bright but not too dark and most importantly, everything is legible! This will also give you a chance to double-check through any possible grammar or spelling mistakes you might have made.

Following Good Design Practices

You might not be a graphic designer – although it is not a bad idea to hire one if you want to make sure everything looks amazing – but you know what looks pleasing and attractive to the naked eyes. Colours are a great idea because they are eye-catching and interesting ways to break up monotonous paragraphs, going overboard with it, however, means that your newsletter will look like an amateurish letter written from a higher-schooler to another one. It is all about balance and finding the right space for your text.

For instance, if you decided that you wanted to do a landscape design in your newsletter, you might want to try a four column design with graphics in strategic parts and colorful headings to break up your paragraphs. If you have decided on a portrait style, then you might want to have a two column lines. Many businesses put their logo with a special promotional offer next to small, catchy paragraphs that let their customers know what they are doing.

Putting clickable headers on your newsletter that lead to different parts inside the newsletter is a good idea if you have many, many sections, something which most websites should avoid. However, many subscribers refrain from clicking on several links if they think that it might lead them out of their e-mail. Make sure that the links are clear and you should be fine. Don’t be afraid to read other newsletters for ideas and inspiration!

Remember that you need to decide on the basics of your newsletter, double and triple-check it, make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and that both design and content speak highly of your company and are interesting and engaging to readers and you will end up with a wonderful newsletter for your business.

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