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This post is part of the Email Newsletter Basics series. This series is all about driving more traffic and sales to your eCommerce website through the power of email marketing.

Your website seems to be doing pretty well, but you still want to get your visitors to sign up to your e-mail newsletter. A newsletter is a very valuable tool that can help you get more business and cement a relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back for more. It can also be a great way to get some word-of-mouth advertising, especially if you send freebies in your newsletters and encourage your customers to e-mail to their friends.

There are only a few things you need to do if you want to start getting people to sign up for your newsletter – the first, and perhaps most important, is not something you need to do but something you need to keep in mind: newsletter subscribers are a little harder to get than visitors and because of that it can be discouraging when you are first starting out, but don’t worry! These top tips will ensure that your life is as easy as can be and you start making money off your newsletter in no time.

Make signing up easy: This one is really important. People online simply don’t have time to mess around, so a long list asking for a mailing address and other things might put off a potential customer. Your mailing list prompt should include the customer’s e-mail and name and nothing else. People are much more likely to fill out two blanks than twenty!

Make signing up prominent: No one is going to go rummage around your website to see if they can sign up for a newsletter. Your best bet is having it prominently displayed across your website. A static button will do the trick

Visitors should be able to subscribe while buying your products: Many websites opt for this option. Before check-out, there is a check box that subscribes your customer to become a newsletter subscriber. It is an easy way to get people signing up to your newsletter, but this particular choice can discourage some particular shoppers, so you might want to be careful with it. At the very least, make it prominent so that your customers know what they are signing up for.

Put your old newsletter up online: Not only is this good for your search engine rankings, but customers that see your old newsletters might subscribe to them if they seem to be a good fit and offer lots of value.

Once you start following all these tips you should see a surge in people starting to subscribe to your newsletter. Of course it is important that your newsletter does not sit on their inbox and actually gets read – something we will tackle in a post next week – but willingly getting customers to sign up for your newsletter means that you have won half the battle. Remember to make it easy, intuitive, quick and prominent, because anything else might turn potential newsletters subscribers off.

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