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E-CommerceHaving an eCommerce site attached to a traditional business website is a wonderful thing for most businesses, but businesses do not always have the time or expertise to set up their own eCommerce site. This is where Lightcommerce spring into action and ensures that the eCommerce site is well-designed, well-managed and well-maintained. Rather than employing an entirely new division, a business can hire an outside consultant such as Lightcommerce to take care of every aspect of the eCommerce site and allow for the business to focus on the profits coming in from the site rather than managing the site.

The Design

Lightcommerce is dedicated to giving clients the designs they actually want to see. This means that there is no use of of stock images and templates that everyone can find in their nearest word processor. When a private firm is hired to handle the design of an eCommerce site, the design is only limited by the amount of artwork and graphics that the company can produce.

If the client wants to have a site that looks like their brick and mortar store, their site can be designed to look just like the inside of their store. If the color of the company’s logo is of utmost importance, the site can be designed around that color. Also, the logo of the company can be used to guide the design of the site. Whatever the client wants to see is what they will receive.

The Structure

The structure of an eCommerce site is the most important of the site. Many people may be able to get over designs or artwork that they do not like, but no customer will stay on a site that is not structurally-sound or is hard to use. When laying out how the site is to be organized, Lightcommerce will use the categories that are designated by the customer or that make the most sense when someone is searching the site.

Also, the site much be searchable. Adding a search bar to the site is going to make it extremely easy for every customer to find what they are looking for without much trouble. The combination of easy-to-read categories and a search bar makes the site easy to use and easy to chop in.

The Checkout

People who are ready to check out have already been on the site for long enough. They don’t want to spend more time waiting to have their purchase processed. Rather than using a generic checkout system, the business will need to have a checkout system that is designed to be very fast and gives the customer every option to make payment that is possible.

Without quality payment options, a strong structure and good artwork, an eCommerce site is simply not worth launching. Customers only shop with the best sites, and Lightcommerce is able to offer these types of eCommerce options to every company that wants to allow their customers to shop with them online.

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