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You hear about SEO everywhere and it can be difficult to gauge which bits of it are important and which bits of it are not.

Of course you want your online shop, blog or other venture to be successful, but reading all the resources take a long time and doing Search Engine Optimisation wrong might get your site blacklisted from certain search engines, something you definitely want to avoid.

There are some very basic ways to get around blocks without violating any SEO terms that you might not have heard of through no fault of yours. Here are some tips to ensure that you are doing SEO right when it comes to your eCommerce site.

Moderation is Key

Keywords are great. They make people flock to your content like bees on honey. Someone might type anything into a search engine and they could end up in your website, so it is important to ensure that you have the right keywords at the right places in your articles. First, last, a couple of times in the middle – you do not need anything else. You can sprinkle different keywords about if you feel like they fit in naturally within whatever you are doing. Don’t forget that long key terms are your best friends, so do not be afraid to sprinkle in a few of them.

Images, Images Everywhere!

People use the image feature of search engines. They use it a surprising amount, to the point where many are liable to find your website that way.

Use a heavy sprinkling of images and do not be shy when it comes to borrowing them. It is really important that you link back and give credit to where you found the image but it benefits both you and the website you got it from as it usually drives traffic to both sites. Whatever you do, comply with their terms of service; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Diversify Your Website

People say that people don’t like to read anymore. It is nice to see that they are wrong: mostly everyone spends a bit of time on the internet and most of that time is spent reading interesting articles, browsing for shopping and on forums and link aggregating sites, without mentioning social networking and a plethora of other things people like to do online. The lesson you should take from it is that people like to read articles, and they like to read articles related to what they are going to buy.

Do you sell clothes? Write an article on your blog about cool ways to mix it up. The fact that someone can see themselves using your product means that they are more likely to buy it and return to your website later. It also means that they may share it with their friends and that you can use what they have looked at and how they arrived at your website to optimize it even further. More and better content makes for a happier and larger user base that organically improves your search rankings.

Don’t forget that moderation is important when speaking about keywords, images are some of the most valuable tools out there and diversifying your website means a higher search ranking and more loyal, and frequent, users.

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