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EnvelopeThis post is part of the Email Newsletter Basics series. This series is all about driving more traffic and sales to your eCommerce website through the power of email marketing.

Deciding On Your Newsletter’s Content

Newsletters are a really important marketing tool for any company. Now that you know how valuable they are and how to best implement them, you need to start coming up with the content that is going to be in your newsletters. It is important that this content is as high quality as possible because it will greatly affect how many out of your subscribers read it.

Planning is key. You might want to think about it, write lists or brainstorm – whatever works for you. You can come up with relevant, interesting topics that apply to you and your subscribers. In fact, you might want to visualise what your long term plans are for it. Make sure that your newsletter is full of informative content and that it is free from misspellings and grammatical errors.

Things to Keep in Mind

A classic format may include a quick greeting, a “what’s happening?” section which includes news from your website, any upcoming promotions and a quick thank you for reading your newsletter, which does not have to be formal. Your content should be brimming with your website’s personality and should adapt a uniform tone. Make sure that your newsletters always look similar and that it is obvious that they are coming from you. Your e-mail address should also look legitimate, with your domain as your e-mail provider’s name if possible.

Another important issue to address is the frequency of your newsletter. This should depend on how many subscribers are on your mailing list. Many websites choose to do it monthly, but you may choose to do it weekly. Whatever you decide, make sure to stick to your schedule! Reading your newsletter can become a habit, it is less likely to if you publish it on random dates.

Make sure that your titles are exciting and intriguing. If it makes someone want to click on your e-mail out of curiosity, it’s good! If you are not sure what to write about, you might want to poll your readers for some ideas. You might also want to add a certain amount of set features. A lot of people won’t read your entire newsletter, but they might read certain features exclusively. Establishing these features early means you can gain some loyal readers.

Remember to think about your newsletter content, plan it out and put it into practice with a certain tone and personality. You can choose whatever style works for you, but make sure to keep your newsletter at a steady frequency and, with some of your subscriber’s input, you can write the perfect newsletter.

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