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You Need Better Website Management

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website-managementWebsite management is a crucial tool for your business. You may have a pre-existing website, but you might need a brand new website. You do not need to waste your time building a website when there is a company available to help build, design and manage your website for you. Each offering listed below helps your business to expand profits and exposure in the market.

Organization: When Lightcommerce begins work on your website, they will start by organizing your website. Your website must have appropriate pages for information, shopping and content. Also, your website must have the proper buttons and links to help people navigate the website. You may know exactly how to get around the website, but your visitors must be guided gently to all the pages they want to see.

Graphic Design: The graphic designs that Lightcommerce deploys on a website help the website to look more attractive. Every page on the website can have beautiful artwork that helps to identify the page and make it look beautiful. If you have a vision for your website, Lightcommerce can design graphics and art to place on each page based on your vision. Also, the font and font size choices Lightcommerce makes are meant for easy reading and navigation on the pages.

eCommerce: eCommerce pages help your business to increase profits. You may have customers who would prefer to shop with you online, and this allows for those customers to remain loyal to your business. The eCommerce page will be designed by Lightcommerce so that it is easy to shop, easy to read and easy to check out. The complete design of the eCommerce site also comes with management of the site. Lightcommerce is able to set up a payment processing system to help you take payments directly.

Website Management: Lightcommerce offers complete website management for business owners. You may not have the time necessary to manage your site. Also, you may not have the technical expertise to manage your site. Lightcommerce is able to look after your website for you so that you can focus on the rest of your business. The building blocks that Lightcommerce offers for your website as designed to help your business flourish. The website you receive will bring in more sales, offer readers a lovely product and help you to get your business more exposure on the Web.

Marketing and Web Development For Every Business’ Needs

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Designing, deploying and enhancing a website should be the goal of every business in today’s economy. Without websites, many businesses are left in the cold because consumers find many businesses first through their website rather than through other means. At Lightcommerce, we work on behalf of businesses to ensure that the websites they have deployed are up to their standards, meet their needs and outperform the competition. In all phases of business, there must be a way for the company to make more money, to find more customers and to expand their reach. This is our goal when we work on behalf of a company to produce a website that is appealing to all internet users who find the company.

The Design

web_developmentOur design team is prepared to begin working for the company as its own website development team. Every one of our customers does not have to hire their own design team and keep them in-house. The expense is far too great for many businesses. However, we can operate as the web development and marketing center for each of our clients to ensure that their business is marketed and promoted properly.

Our design team will create beautiful artwork for the homepage, produce organized pages inside the site and track the traffic on the site to ensure that it is marketed properly. Even when people are brought to the site through a web search, they must be compelled to stay and return. This is where our marketing expertise comes full into play. Read More

Newest Trends in Web Development

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web_developmentFor business owners wanting to boost the traffic on their e-commerce websites, look no further than web development. Website development firms specialize in designing websites, maintaining social media accounts, monitoring traffic numbers and analytics, and providing hosting services.

About Lightcommerce

Headquartered in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is a web design firm that offers a wide range of development and hosting services to their clients. More specifically, the company provides premier website maintenance, development services, e-mail marketing, and high-level hosting infrastructure. Lightcommerce is completely committed to keeping your website fresh, fun, up-to-date, and interactive. The company’s website can be reached at Read More

The Importance of Web Development in E-Commerce

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online shoppingIn recent years, shopping online has become increasingly popular. Whereas digital shopping was once used for specialty products, consumers now purchase their groceries, clothing, electronics, and other everyday personal items on the Internet. For business owners, then, a key to staying competitive in this fast-paced market is to make sure that you have a creative digital portfolio, as well as a number of appealing e-commerce strategies.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is one of Europe’s foremost web development companies. The company is dedicated to offering its customers comprehensive web support, a wide range of web development services, and a number of hosting options. Best of all, is that the firm specializes in improving a client’s e-commerce presence.

Outsourcing Your In-House Web Development

Lightcommerce understands that not every business owner possesses the skills and know-how when it comes to developing an online portfolio. For this reason, the company offers its web developing expertise to all of their clients. More specifically, Lightcommerce’s Whitelabel web development consulting services allows clients to outsource all of their Internet-related needs.

Whitelabel Development and Customer Support

Although Whitelabel’s development support works best for graphic design companies and creative agencies, Lightcommerce will customize their services to your company’s needs. The company’s website designers are well-versed in a wide range of design platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Open Cart, and X Cart.

Besides helping you create your e-commerce site, the company will also help you integrate your company’s web portfolio across a number of digital platforms, as well as manage and maintain your company’s operating systems. Whitelabel clients will also receive access to targeted e-mail marketing strategies. Most importantly, though, Lightcommerce’s developers will continue to redesign your website over time, allowing your company’s e-commerce potential to flourish.

Benefits of Improving Your Company’s E-Commerce Presence

Online shopping experts argue that the more attractive your website is, the more hits and traffic it will receive. The higher your website’s traffic, the more opportunities you have to sell consumers your products and services.

For these reasons, Lightcommerce begins every e-commerce consultation by asking you what your company wants to accomplish with your redesigned website. The company’s software experts will then ask you to identify what aspects of other e-commerce websites you find most appealing. With this information, the web developers will aim to create a website that not only displays your product effectively, but is also the type of website you would want to use yourself.

Using Social Media

Unlike other web development firms, Lightcommerce will use social media to augment your e-commerce website’s appeal and popularity. The company will create and maintain accounts on some of the Internet’s most popular social networks, using different marketing tactics to improve your website’s e-commerce potential.

The added benefit of using free social networks to expand your e-commerce presence is that these social websites allow your customers to offer you feedback on customer service-related issues. Social networks – like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – enable businesses to learn directly from their customers where improvements are needed. Showing initiative in these instances is an excellent way to build a more consistent consumer base for your e-commerce website.

Web Development is the Future of Commerce

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website_development_programWeb development is an important part of growing a business and developing a quality website. Companies like Light Commerce are capable of keep your website well-maintained and updated. Whitelabel web development is one of the new concepts that’s being introduced to help companies remain more productive, efficient, and also to help share the responsibility of successes and failures. If you want to know what web development can do for you, here are a few tips.

1. Web Development Companies Will Help with Support and Maintenance

This company will offer bug fixes, speed improvements, and web server configuration to people who have problems with their websites. Any company that you work with should offer premium support and maintenance services.

In addition to maintenance, they should help complete any development on the website. They can handle all of the complexities that other companies may not be able to handle. This prevents the company from hiring people who specialize in maintaining this aspect of the website.

2. Web Development Companies Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns can help companies gain exposure. With the help of the campaigns, companies can gain more exposure. They can produce complex reports, which may take you a longer time to complete.

3. White Label Development Will Help Save Time and Money

If you hire a third party company to help you with development, you can assign them an email address that will act as a member of your company. They will work with your clients and determine their concerns. White label development is commonly misunderstood, but it’s growing in popularity as more people want to keep their capital accessible.

4. State of the Art Hosting

The hosting of these solutions is imperative. The hosting solution is available and will automatically adjust to accommodate traffic, server resource requirements, and bandwidth. With good hosting solutions, there will be no concerns of the site going down in the middle of the busy season.

5. Staff Available When You Need Them

Select a staff that’s available when you need them and has access to tools that you need. The best companies will have direct access to email, phone, Skype, and internal project management tools. Verify with previous clients that the company can do what it takes to get things done.

Choose the Right Company for You

When you select the proper company for you, your company will improve significantly. The services and products offered should be impressive. Select the company that works best for you, and you’ll become more profitable.

Whitelabel Support, Your Outsourced In-House Team

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web-developmentOne of the most important aspects of business is appearance. You want your customers to feel like they’re supported, whether or not you have an in house team. If you have an in house design team, they are in charge of maintaining your website, keeping it updated, fixing any problems that may occur, and generally just making life easier for you. However, this means hiring employees, something many business owners cannot afford to do. There are other ways that might not have occurred to you.

Light Commerce offers an option to work on a contract basis as web support. If you run a business that involves a website that customers might get confused about, you can turn to the Whitelabel service to act as a pseudo in house team. The way it works is simple; you provide them with an email address such as [email protected], and they provide technical support to any customers who have questions. This frees you from the need to learn the technical jargon and spend precious hours of your time interacting with customers. Read More

Entering the world of 4G

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This week saw the rollout of 4G by EE (AKA Everything, Everywhere) in eleven cities in the UK, there are more cities due to join before Christmas too! But, what is it all about?

What is 4G?

4G is the next generation to 3G or the 4th Generation in mobile communication standards – a faster more effective internet connection.

With promises of it being five times faster than 3G it should mean easier access to the internet, being able to watch videos without it freezing, downloading webpages quickly and having smooth video calls with no problems.

What could it mean for your business?

An ability to have business meetings whilst out of the office, receive your emails on the go and be available on your social networking accounts even when not at your desktop – all very inviting!

But primarily, the main advantage could be an increase of online shopping by your customers.

Your customers want to be able to get on your site quickly, they want to navigate easily and buy in a short space of time.  Especially this time of year, they want to be sure their Christmas shopping can be done during a tea break, on a bus or even walking in between high street shops.

What they need from you is attractive looking sites which are easy to use and an all round good quality shopping experience.

Most of all they want speed, 4G speed.  Can you keep up?

Check your website, app or mobile site, ensure it works for you and your customers.  Let’s make certain your ecommerce is a pleasant experience for those who want to use it!

Premium Support Announcement!

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Here at LightCommerce we are extremely excited!

Recently we have been growing and expanding at a fantastic rate and as always we want to make sure that we are providing the top level of support and customer service.

Up until now we haven’t had a specific support package, however we are now proud to announce that we are launching “LightCommerce Premium Support

Read More