Demo site is go!

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The demo site is ready!

Now that the complete administration AND the whole of the front end of the site have had a redesign, the demo site is ready to try out!

We’ll be sending the details to a few selected people for initial feedback and then other people are welcome to take a look.

If you’re interested in being an early viewer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

P.S. – implementing a completely new design for the whole of the front end of the site only took about a day and a half of coding time. That shows how powerful and easy to skin the platform is.

First release nearly ready!

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The development progress on lumini is moving along nicely. It will soon be ready to start showing prospective users to get feedback.

This will allow us to add any additional missing features or changes that those users would like before using the product.

If you’d like to be one of those early users, please get in touch! We can’t wait to show you our product.

Development doesn’t stop here! As soon as this first release is out we’re going to keep right on developing from our list of features we want to add into subsequent releases.

We have so much planned!

Social Commerce

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One of the planned features of our lumini e-commerce platform is to go beyond what’s become standard social media features for e-commerce web sites.

We want to go further than just having social media sharing buttons on product pages to having a fully blown Twitter and Facebook integration.

This means that when you add a new product or create a new promotion updates can be sent out to Twitter and Facebook automatically, with the ability to edit social media messaging templates and to send other social media messages as and when you please.

Social media has become a part of all of our lives so we think it’s important that our users find it easy and intuitive to keep their followers updated in any way possible.

How we can help

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As we get closer to the lightcommerce launch, you may be thinking “How are they different from any other e-commerce outfit? What reason do I have to choose lightcommerce over someone else?”. To us, the answer is big, bold and in your face. The following phrase sums it up perfectly:

“You keep doing what you’re good at. We take care of everything else.”

As a designer or design agency, you’re amazing at making web sites look fantastic. That’s what your business revolves around and it’s what you’ve been prefecting for years.

Well, lightcommerce is good at providing powerful, flexible e-commerce solutions. In fact, I’d go so far as to say we’re very good.

When you work with us, you don’t have to take on any additional tasks or responsbilities which would normally be part and parcel of offering an e-commerce product. You provide us with your HTML and CSS files for the final design of the site and we will implement it on the new lumini e-commerce site. We will then host the new site on a fast, dedicated server and make sure it works flawlessly. Then, once it’s live, this is the special bit; we will support the new site directly to your customers.

Through the lumini administration interface, we allow your customers to talk to us directly whenever they have a question or concern. They can browse our knowledge base or they can message our support team.

So this means that for each site you still only need to work on the design, just as with any other non e-commerce site. Now do you begin to see how we can benefit you? We thought so :)

A strong foundation

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We understand that it’s important for our clients to know that our software is built upon a strong foundation. They need to know that if they commission us to build one of their customer’s sites on our platform that the site is protected from hackers and bots.

Our bespoke platform lumini is built on an established, solid framework which complies with most best web practices and follows good, proven design patterns.

It automatically protects our sites from cross site scripting attacks, SQL injection attacks and automatic web form bots to name a few.

The framework also incorporates some intelligent cache systems but to give an even better speed improvement we have added our own layer of caching to make sure our sites are served with the best performance possible.

We are constantly developing our platform, making security tweaks here and speed improvements there. And we won’t stop – our goal is dynamic and improvements can always be made. Even if we spend 3 hours investigating and only change a few lines of code – if it means we shave a third of a second from a page load time, it’s worth it!

Google Rich Snippets

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One of the features we are planning on adding before we launch are Google Rich Snippets.

They were introduced in 2009 and provide web site owners with methods for presenting users with more visual and helpful search results.

More information on rich snippets can be found here:

In particular we will be implementing product, reviews and business type rich snippets. The use of rich snippets will be completely automated, all the user has to do is create the products, approve some reviews and add their business information and lumini will generate the snippets for them.

This, along with the editing of SEO tags for each page and product and the use of Google site maps give the user a number of ways to improve their site’s SEO.

Hello world!

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Welcome to the lightcommerce blog.

During the run up to launch, we will keep this blog updated with development updates and thoughts/questions focused around our service.

If you have any questions about us or how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in contact!