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We understand that it’s important for our clients to know that our software is built upon a strong foundation. They need to know that if they commission us to build one of their customer’s sites on our platform that the site is protected from hackers and bots.

Our bespoke platform lumini is built on an established, solid framework which complies with most best web practices and follows good, proven design patterns.

It automatically protects our sites from cross site scripting attacks, SQL injection attacks and automatic web form bots to name a few.

The framework also incorporates some intelligent cache systems but to give an even better speed improvement we have added our own layer of caching to make sure our sites are served with the best performance possible.

We are constantly developing our platform, making security tweaks here and speed improvements there. And we won’t stop – our goal is dynamic and improvements can always be made. Even if we spend 3 hours investigating and only change a few lines of code – if it means we shave a third of a second from a page load time, it’s worth it!

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