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As lightcommerce begins to grow, we’ve decided that it’s important to put across a personal approach. After all as a company we are a lot smaller than most of our competitors, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stand a chance of making our mark in the e-commerce world.

We’re a small group of enthusiasts and we have an ambitious vision of what we want to achieve within the world of online shopping and the services we can offer.

We don’t think we should have to sound like a large corporate company to do this and we would love to bring you along on our journey. For that reason we think it’s important to be transparent about who we are and where we’re going.

So with that in mind; my name is Stephen Gray, I’m 23 and I’m the lead developer for lightcommerce. I’ve been developing for around 6 years and I’ve specialised in e-commerce for around 3 or 4 years. I’ve worked on various bespoke leading e-commerce platforms and a lot of third party systems but none of them felt right or that they were reaching their potential. So I wrote my own over the course of 10 months to a year. I’ve called it lumini and I’m working hard to make it a strong competitor in this busy market.

We’ll hopefully soon have our shiny new web site ready. The design has been done (and it’s fantastic – I may squeeze out a preview soon!) and we’re just working on getting the content just right. We’re rewriting a lot of it with this new personal approach in mind so bear with us, we’ll get it right soon enough. I’m marking the launch of the web site as a more official launch date for lightcommerce and things are starting to look exciting!

Working with me I have an amazing designer and a great social media guru who I’m sure over time will make themselves known too.

Watch this space, I’ve got some new feature announcements to make soon!



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