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Starting that new eCommerce site is exciting, fun and terrifying all at the same time. Are people going to buy? Are we going to make enough money to cover our overhead and expenses? Will people like the site enough to tell friends?

It is always a challenge.

We’ve already covered areas of design, site construction and the all important aspect of customer service. But what can be done to help drive sales?

Here are 4 tips that will be assist in getting those sales up:

1. Start a blog – People want to know you take a personal interest in your business. By blogging even just once a week, you can gain more of a personal connection with clients. Feature a particular product from time to time. Highlight an upcoming sales. Use the blog to promote a coupon or discount code. Also, use the blog to write about the challenges of the business and also what’s coming down the road. You don’t need to blog every day. Once a week will suffice, but be sure to keep it consistent. Doing that will guarantee people will come back.

2. Have unique copy – This is a tactic that may require you spend some money but the ROI would be worth it. Writing great copy is an art, particularly for an eCommerce site. However, that really good copy in which a product is described with some flair instead of your typical mundane way, could make the difference for that one sale. In addition, customers will tell their friends about your site because it stands out from other sites selling similar products.

3. Reward customers for their loyalty – Do you have that customer that always keeps coming back? If so, make them feel special. After they have made 10 purchases, surprise with a discount code for their next purchase. Don’t advertise it as a sales gimmick. Make it personal. Doing that will make that customer think, “They care about my patronage.” And they’ll tell people. Getting a lead from a referral is the best way to make a sale.

4. Integrate social media – Yes, it is an eCommerce site but make it so that people can share the link to an item. This could be critical to more sales. People are busy. They don’t necessarily want to copy a link, and then go to Twitter and/or Facebook and post it. They want to stay on your site so add some sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. When people see a great deal, they want to tell others.

No eCommerce site succeeds without sales. We live in an age where people most likely have access to several different eCommerce sites selling the same product. Make yours stand apart from the rest. It will require that much more work to do it, but the rewards are worth it.


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