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Marketing and Web Development For Every Business’ Needs

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Designing, deploying and enhancing a website should be the goal of every business in today’s economy. Without websites, many businesses are left in the cold because consumers find many businesses first through their website rather than through other means. At Lightcommerce, we work on behalf of businesses to ensure that the websites they have deployed are up to their standards, meet their needs and outperform the competition. In all phases of business, there must be a way for the company to make more money, to find more customers and to expand their reach. This is our goal when we work on behalf of a company to produce a website that is appealing to all internet users who find the company.

The Design

web_developmentOur design team is prepared to begin working for the company as its own website development team. Every one of our customers does not have to hire their own design team and keep them in-house. The expense is far too great for many businesses. However, we can operate as the web development and marketing center for each of our clients to ensure that their business is marketed and promoted properly.

Our design team will create beautiful artwork for the homepage, produce organized pages inside the site and track the traffic on the site to ensure that it is marketed properly. Even when people are brought to the site through a web search, they must be compelled to stay and return. This is where our marketing expertise comes full into play. Read More

Creating An eCommerce Site That Produces Profits

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Every business that wants to make more money and increase their profits must use an eCommerce platform to sell their wares and reach their customers online. Whether the company is a corner store in a vacation community that people only visit once a year or a shop that is on one side of a large city, there are obstacles to businesses who want to attract customers and keep them coming back over the course of time. At Lightcommerce, we design websites and eCommerce options that help businesses to bring in customers and keep them for years and years to come.

The Online Store


The online store is a place where businesses can direct their customers who may only visit once or twice a year. The customer who would prefer to shop at the store more frequently is going to find an outlet in an eCommerce site where they can shop for something that they used to enjoy once or twice a year.

The idea behind eCommerce stores, however, is that they can be found by anyone at any time when the site is marketed correctly. Not only do we design the store and manage it, but we make sure that people are going to find the store through web searches.

The Design

The design of every online store is different, and we work very hard to match the design of the website to the vision that the customer has. Some customers would prefer that their site look just like the inside of their physical store. Other companies want the store to be as sleek and simple as possible.

Once the store has been designed, that very same store must then be organized in a way that is easy to use and shop. All of the products on the site can be organized into categories, and they can be broken down into subcategories that make it easy for the shopper to find what they are looking for.

The SEO Techniques

The SEO that goes into an online store is no different than the SEO that goes into a regular website. The descriptions of every item, their titles and the captions for all of the pictures on the site must be optimized so that web searchers will find the web store when they are seeking out products.

While businesses will benefit from giving their regular customers a chance to shop online, the greatest benefit comes from people all over the world finding the site and shopping with the company at random. The items from the store can be shared on social media or through email, and the items in the store can be shipped anywhere that a customer likes.

The benefits of an eCommerce store go far beyond great profits and a nice design. The company gets more exposure and helps to raise their profile with the help of an eCommerce store that is designed just for their business. Their regular customers can shop online, and people all over the world will find the store with just one web search.

Why The eCommerce Site Will Be Your Greatest Website Addition

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E-CommerceHaving an eCommerce site attached to a traditional business website is a wonderful thing for most businesses, but businesses do not always have the time or expertise to set up their own eCommerce site. This is where Lightcommerce spring into action and ensures that the eCommerce site is well-designed, well-managed and well-maintained. Rather than employing an entirely new division, a business can hire an outside consultant such as Lightcommerce to take care of every aspect of the eCommerce site and allow for the business to focus on the profits coming in from the site rather than managing the site.

The Design

Lightcommerce is dedicated to giving clients the designs they actually want to see. This means that there is no use of of stock images and templates that everyone can find in their nearest word processor. When a private firm is hired to handle the design of an eCommerce site, the design is only limited by the amount of artwork and graphics that the company can produce. Read More

Newest Trends in Web Development

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web_developmentFor business owners wanting to boost the traffic on their e-commerce websites, look no further than web development. Website development firms specialize in designing websites, maintaining social media accounts, monitoring traffic numbers and analytics, and providing hosting services.

About Lightcommerce

Headquartered in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is a web design firm that offers a wide range of development and hosting services to their clients. More specifically, the company provides premier website maintenance, development services, e-mail marketing, and high-level hosting infrastructure. Lightcommerce is completely committed to keeping your website fresh, fun, up-to-date, and interactive. The company’s website can be reached at http://www.lightcommerce.co.uk. Read More

The Importance of Web Development in E-Commerce

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online shoppingIn recent years, shopping online has become increasingly popular. Whereas digital shopping was once used for specialty products, consumers now purchase their groceries, clothing, electronics, and other everyday personal items on the Internet. For business owners, then, a key to staying competitive in this fast-paced market is to make sure that you have a creative digital portfolio, as well as a number of appealing e-commerce strategies.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Lightcommerce is one of Europe’s foremost web development companies. The company is dedicated to offering its customers comprehensive web support, a wide range of web development services, and a number of hosting options. Best of all, is that the firm specializes in improving a client’s e-commerce presence.

Outsourcing Your In-House Web Development

Lightcommerce understands that not every business owner possesses the skills and know-how when it comes to developing an online portfolio. For this reason, the company offers its web developing expertise to all of their clients. More specifically, Lightcommerce’s Whitelabel web development consulting services allows clients to outsource all of their Internet-related needs.

Whitelabel Development and Customer Support

Although Whitelabel’s development support works best for graphic design companies and creative agencies, Lightcommerce will customize their services to your company’s needs. The company’s website designers are well-versed in a wide range of design platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Open Cart, and X Cart.

Besides helping you create your e-commerce site, the company will also help you integrate your company’s web portfolio across a number of digital platforms, as well as manage and maintain your company’s operating systems. Whitelabel clients will also receive access to targeted e-mail marketing strategies. Most importantly, though, Lightcommerce’s developers will continue to redesign your website over time, allowing your company’s e-commerce potential to flourish.

Benefits of Improving Your Company’s E-Commerce Presence

Online shopping experts argue that the more attractive your website is, the more hits and traffic it will receive. The higher your website’s traffic, the more opportunities you have to sell consumers your products and services.

For these reasons, Lightcommerce begins every e-commerce consultation by asking you what your company wants to accomplish with your redesigned website. The company’s software experts will then ask you to identify what aspects of other e-commerce websites you find most appealing. With this information, the web developers will aim to create a website that not only displays your product effectively, but is also the type of website you would want to use yourself.

Using Social Media

Unlike other web development firms, Lightcommerce will use social media to augment your e-commerce website’s appeal and popularity. The company will create and maintain accounts on some of the Internet’s most popular social networks, using different marketing tactics to improve your website’s e-commerce potential.

The added benefit of using free social networks to expand your e-commerce presence is that these social websites allow your customers to offer you feedback on customer service-related issues. Social networks – like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – enable businesses to learn directly from their customers where improvements are needed. Showing initiative in these instances is an excellent way to build a more consistent consumer base for your e-commerce website.