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Top 5 eCommerce Customer Complaints

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Nobody likes it when a customer is not happy. But it will happen. The only question is, where does it happen and how do you prepare so that you limit the chances of it happening to you?

It is always better to be proactive than to be reactive. So if you’re getting ready to launch and eCommerce site or have just recently launched one, take a look at the following complaints and be sure to address them before you have to deal with them.

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How To Make Your Listings Stand Out

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Differentiation with your eCommerce site can make the difference between you getting that business or a person going somewhere else.

Often however, that differentiation doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is very obvious. The brain often picks up on subtle additions, differences and innovations that aren’t obvious at first glance. It’s only upon closer inspection that we see the subtlety.

An example of this from one of the big players is Amazon’s ‘One Click’ purchasing button. Some might say this is not a subtle addition to their eCommerce strategy but if you ask around, many people don’t even remember they have it. It’s become burned into the shopping experience that it’s not something people discuss when recommending Amazon to a friend. That being said, it provides return shoppers with the convenience of not having to go through a checkout process when making a purchase.

Here are some subtle ways you can add to your product descriptions to make them stand out.

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4 eCommerce Sales Tips

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Starting that new eCommerce site is exciting, fun and terrifying all at the same time. Are people going to buy? Are we going to make enough money to cover our overhead and expenses? Will people like the site enough to tell friends?

It is always a challenge.

We’ve already covered areas of design, site construction and the all important aspect of customer service. But what can be done to help drive sales?

Here are 4 tips that will be assist in getting those sales up:

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Lessons In eCommerce SEO Failures

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One of the keys to success for an eCommerce site is good Search Engine Optimization. Gone are the days when somebody could put hundreds of key words in white text on search crawlers would push them to the top of search engine results. SEO has to be carefully measured.

Here are several ways to make sure that happens:

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