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Choosing the Right Payment Method for Your Ecommerce Site

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You’re thinking of building an ecommerce store in order to make some money, right?  So don’t drop the ball when it comes to choosing the right payment method for your target customers!  Consider the following factors when analyzing all of the different payment processing system:
  1. Accessibility – One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting the system your site will use to process payments is its accessibility to customers in the geographic region you’re targeting.  If your customers are based primarily in the UK or the US, you’ll have plenty of different options to choose from.  But if you plan to target customers in areas like Nigeria (notorious for its payment scams), you’ll want to confirm that your payment system will allow transactions to occur from these regions.
  2. Functionality – Not all payment systems are created the same, so if there are any vital features you must have for your ecommerce store, be sure the payment method you’re considering supports them.  For example, if you want advanced shopping cart functionalities that allow you to contact customers that have abandoned items in their carts, ensure that your chosen payment method offers these features before you sign up.
  3. Security – With the ever-present threat of identity theft, web payment security is vitally important to customers and web business owners alike.  Check to be sure your chosen payment processor has implemented the latest security protocols, including the HTTPS protocol, signed requests, IP request verification and the newest Virtual Payer Authentication (VPA) technology.

Currently, Lightcommerce supports Google Checkout, Sagepay, Worldpay, Cardsave and Paypal, although we’re also able to integrate other payment processors depending on your preferences.  Contact us today to learn more about the payment methods we recommend and support!

Plans are under way to shake things up

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It’s been a while since I posted a feature update, or even a general lightcommerce update.

That’s simply because we’ve been very, very hard at work on some big plans for the lightcommerce e-commerce software that will take the e-commerce world by storm.

I can’t give away too much, but the plans include a complete administration area overhaul with a completely new design, a new bespoke content management system, integrated image editing and a little something for all you visitor analytics lovers out there ;)

If all goes well more details will be released soon, but until then know that this is going to take lightcommerce to a new level within the competitive e-commerce software world.