August 2011 - Lightcommerce

Volume discount pricing

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Yet another feature update.

Volume discount pricing

We’ve added the ability to add volume discount pricing to any of your products. It’s as simple as editing a product and entering a discounted price for a particular quantity. Love it!

Till next time!


Your content on the cloud

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Hello again,

Here for another feature update. And this is a big one!

lightcommerce Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We have added a CDN to all sites running on our platform lumini. This means that all your site’s images, CSS files and Javascript files are hosted on the cloud and loaded form the server geographically closest to each of your users.

We are using Amazon Cloud Front to run our CDN. It’s reliable, cost effective and most importantly; bleedingly fast! We’re very excited about this update as it means all of our site’s static content is delivered to your users at amazing speeds. This also takes away from the bandwidth our servers have to deal with, meaning they have more resources to deal with other important tasks.

And the best bit? For now we are including this service free of charge! That’s right; even if you have 10 sites with us, each of those sites can have their static content delivered to your users anywhere in the world at amazing speeds using cutting edge technology for free!

Don’t you just love us?

Stay tuned for more news! is live!

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Hello all,

We’ve been hard at work getting our new web site live and now after much delay it’s finally there! You can view our new site in all it’s glory at

It has a full feature list of our platform and forms to request a quote or a demonstration site viewing.

Hopefully this will help answer anyone’s questions about what we do and how we do it.

We look forward to seeing what people think of it! In the mean time, I will shortly be posting a feature release update.